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Who We Are

We're a group of financial professionals with the common desire to help an individual or business with any and all financial guidance. Backed by the best bookkeeping services in the industry, we believe businesses should receive more than completed financial statements for tax purposes. By leveraging our team's diverse experience, we're able to offer a range of financial and accounting services for startups, up-and-coming, and established businesses, while offering insights and assistance every step of the way.

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What We Do

We offer our clients the ability to have one point of contact for their entire operation. Clients are able to dig into the financial statements that are prepared for them by their bookkeeper and accountant within our business analytics dashboard and financial models, as well as request short-term loans in order to streamline their cash flows.

Why We Do It

We're here to build a long-term relationship with our clients that is beneficial to their bottom-line. To do so, we push the envelope and strive to provide more than what is expected. The accounting industry needs to be more forward-looking, and our solution is to provide our clients with real-time services that will help foster future growth.

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"I run a complicated business that sells in retail stores, on Amazon, as well through my own website. The tax implications for my business are extremely complicated. Lanyap set up processes and systems that makes the whole financial operation run smoothly, and ensures that I am not overpaying on my taxes. Lanyap also amended my previous year's tax return and got me a nice refund where my previous accountant had me pay the government. I highly recommend Lanyap."